India never needed Steve Jobs or the venomous, unimaginative bile he spewed forth, eagerly lapped up by the westenized oriental gentlemen hi-fi upper middle-class set not-so-much bred but felched out of from the gated metros dotting our fair land.

Here, in Real India, where anything can be fixed, anywhere, no one can quite comprehend batteries that cannot be replaced except by authorized outlets, where ideas and media and communication form the backbone of a new growing mass of bacteria-like humans that come forth from this fertile land thronging in vast numbers, the sheer hubris of having to jailbreak a device that you pay for seems quaint, and something out of a lollable-dream, it's simply jeer-worthy. An eye bats and another device is unlocked from a carrier, another eye bats and a tiny microSD card is filled to the brim with your choice of media. No, Apple never had a chance here.

First the mind must be won over, and then the body will follow. Steve Jobs, a master of marketing and a magician whose chief trick was to have his crypt-like finger on the pulse of consumption desires and the ever-beating heart of the human animal driven to distraction by maya, herded through the slaughterhouse, while thankfully, only being relieved of dollars and cents, rupees and paisa, rather than bled through the night.

The worship of this foul man is a traitorous act, when the values he espoused while alive are the chief ones for reducing a desh to its knees, a complete and utter subjugation to the west. Some can be forgiven for not understanding the limitless potential of true innovation in technology, but none can be for forgoing the most obvious fact that Steve Jobs was the high-priest of technology-cum-consumption taken to its maxima.

While alive he came to India and left disillusioned and ignored a market of one billion people, rightly so, being this market of one billion was no market. Instead these one billion are a mass that appropriates all to its self, as all humankind does, but in such a raw form as to be undeniably human. This humanity sickened a man who sought in life an ascetic ideal stripping man down to his skeleton and depriving him of his heart and mind, who rightly saw that we could never be the sleepwalking go-with-the-program dont-question dont-think automatons that he so needed in his never-ending quest to crush thought, innovation, and next-generation ideas.

Freedom is Slavery.
War is Peace.
Think Different and Follow The Herd.
Jan 11th 2012 IST