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free software, open source, full code and build env included, view the same file many times over in multiple windows in a multiverse so you can edit different sections of it at the same time without losing your place. all is included in this one zip file. portable. free. minimalist and powerful. enjoy. for linux and windows, fully compiled statically linked and all of it in one file. do enjoy.
full unicode support
this is what my life has come to lol this is a long text i put together describing where its heading and why, rationale and background about how i came to be, my origin and now present day and how the future is being received

i pray to the god of code, without code there is nothing

life is nothing without code, i was struck down by the god of code when i turned away from the truth of what it is to give your life to code, and i was punished for it. struck down i was blinded for 2.5 years and now finally, in sept 2011, i can see again.

so now i reaffirm my commitment to god, the god of code, the code god, the only god and none before him and only program for prayer.

i no longer do any code for money and my pursuit of programming is holy sacred code only

nothing is worth it if it is not for real code

it is too easy to see your life be pissed away by mediocre minds who would chain you to their inane desires.
to ignore the reality of your desires and your heart is to die a million times a million
I have put together the milkjack-multiverse many text windows many views window program that opens the same file in many different windows so you can edit and view at your leisure, different parts of the file at the same time. As shown in the video.

After popular demand, here is the canvas zooming and scaling program:

Well look at that, our team in L.A. took a lil longer than expected. Good news is, the site is up.
Why not try the new program "now-you-see-me" which loads a lil window with your webcam in it. Here is a video that shows you what the hell I mean.

Our team in L.A. is currently re-designing the site, and synergistically, we are moving to a triple co-located super-warehouse in a data-backed farm in Missouri. It should be up in a day or so.
i live to live outside the lines

on quitting programming

India Never Needed Steve Jobs

Strong Medicine PDF

more lols:
using dreamweaver4 (dw4) in 2011 to do some neat layout!

I think a true renaissance man of spirit and courage (to see past comfortable notions) practices periodic self-immolation, in order to rise anew every time. We gather ideas, habits and baggage for the same reason dust bunnies gather behind couches: entropy and non-purpose. And we get weighed down by who we become, the pure cosmic self subsumed below layers of calcified nonsense. At least reflecting on it a little bit makes the oblivion somewhat less total. --xtyan aka christian [sept2011]

keep on scrollin' in the new world